Top 14 Time Management Habits for life changing

Here we will discuss Top 14 Time Management Habits for life changing which by following you can bring many changes in your life. Time management has the biggest hand behind a person’s success. Simply put, people who know to manage their time very well are successful in life and people who do not know how to manage their time well are unsuccessful in life.

Time is precious to everyone. The future of the person who wastes time tends to get worse over time. We have all been hearing this since childhood. But many do not know how to use the time, what is the proper use of time. Those who have been success in life, have been success because of time management. Success is the result and time management is the reason.

No matter what field you are in, If you want to be success in life, you need to learn time management habits.

If you want to know time management, you need to know some misconceptions. You thinks you have 24 hours for work, this is your the biggest misconception. You do not have 24 hours to work. Spend 8 hours sleeping and 4 hours doing other things. You only have 12 hours to succeed in life to move towards your goal. Actual time management means proper use of these 12 hours.

Best 14+ Ways to manage time

Here we are going to discuss some ways on how you can time management.  So without wasting time lets jump right in to in.

1. Prepare your mind with the planning

Your brain helps the most in time management. When you are not ready for a work from the beginning, your brain becomes uncomfortable when a work comes suddenly. But when you are ready for something then the brain will be ready for everything by itself. If you don’t plan your everyday work, you will not understand when to work, how much time to work, what to do and what will be the intensity of work, what will be the priority.

If you plan everything for the day, everything will continue to be like a plan. You will understand what will be the priority of the day, what will be first priority, what will be the second priority, what will be additional tasks. If you don’t plan the day, you will be busy all the time but you will not be productive.  Plan for what you will do each day. So, prepare your mind with the planning.

2. Accountability Partner

You need to have someone who can help with your time management. If for some reason your time is up and down, your account ability partner will be able to make you realize, what was important to you at that time.

Suppose, if there is no teacher in the school, the students will not do their homework properly. If you are not the boss of the office, the office work will not be done properly. Similarly, if you have an Accountability Partner, you can be able to have responsible automatically.

3. Make a habit to keep note down

You have to write down how to plan the day. Write down any creative thoughts in your mind. Any plan or any creative thought the mind cannot keep stored for long time. Life becomes much easier if you write it down. The brain does not have to work to memorize memory rather you can engage the brain in creative thinking.

Our brains can remember 5% of the important things that see and reads, everything else continues to skip. Writing down makes it easier to work. Time will start to be managed automatically if you get into the habit of writing full day work or full day planning.

4. Make a timetable for 24 hours

Write everything a note of what you are doing and when you are working. Write down when you are going to sleep, when you are waking up, when you are studying, when you are going to office, what are you doing every day. Work the way you do, there is no need to change. Write down six to seven days of what you are doing. Check you writing notes after seven days. You will understand where you are giving more time and where you are giving less time. You will understand where you are doing wrong.

Correct your mistakes in this way. Give more time where you need to spend more time and give less time where you need less time. Now you make a timetable for 24 hours.

By following the timetable you will be more productive which will help you to move towards your goals and achieve success in life.

5. First do the toughest work

The toughest work of the whole day will to be done first. If you do the toughest at first, you don’t have for work stress whole day, mind will not be under pressure.  If you can do the toughest work at the beginning of the day, you will be able to stay energetic and confident throughout the day. If you are confident and energetic you will be able to do the rest of the work better.

6. Task management

To do time management, you need to know task management. Divide the whole day’s work into three parts.

First   Compulsory work– The task that is most important to you and that the task you must do.  Such, to study, going to the office etc.

Second   Not compulsory but important–That task is not important to you but compulsory.  Such, brushing teeth, bathing, eating etc. This type of work is not compulsory but important.

Third   Not compulsory not important–Tasks that are not mandatory and are not important. Such, staying on social media more time, watching TV.

Do the compulsory works at the earliest time of the day. After completing the compulsory work, do the not compulsory but important works. Do things that are not compulsory and not important task in the time you have after completing not compulsory but important task.

This way you can be successful in life with time management.

For example, A woman was married and she loved to draw pictures. She was busy with various household chores. After doing all the housework, she used to practice drawing at that time. Even after a long time, she was not satisfied because she could not practice drawing properly due to lack of time. Then she started following this rule. She put the work of drawing on the list of compulsory work. At first she practiced drawing and then did housework. After that, the woman achieved success in painting.

7. Follow 20 — 80 rule

There are different types of work to be done throughout the day. There are many works that will get 80% result if you work 20% and 20% result if you work 80%. Most of the people do this 80% work out of which get 20% result and that 20% work remains to be done resulting in 80% results.

So, you divide your work in this 20 — 80.  First do the most important things that will get you the most results. Then do the less important things that work more but will get less result. This will increase your productivity.

8. Do one task at a time

Do many tasks in one day but do one task at a time. Stop the habit of doing more than one task at a time. When you do a lot of tasks together, your focus will not be fixed in one place, your focus will be bad. Can’t do any work properly. It will waste your time. So, do one task at a time.

9. Switch off the mobile for a while

Keep your mobile phone switched off at certain times of the day, especially during work. Keep your mobile phone switched off when you focus on some task. This will greatly improve your productivity and efficiency.  Keep your mobile phone switched off or away from yourself when breakfast, lunch, dinner, spending time with children, spending time with family, spending time with parents. Keep your mobile phone switched off while doing what you love to do. Staying away from mobile phones at some times of the day will increase your happiness and productivity many times over.

10. Time blocks

45 to 60 minutes you do your important work without distraction with full focus, attention and with energy. Work 45 to 60 minutes then rest a little. Do not stop work before 60 minutes. This method is called time block. You block time four to five times a day. This will allow you to be powerful and productive.

11. Delegating one’s work to other

Success can only be achieved when you will do your less important work by others. Not everyone can do everything on their own. Give more time to work that is important for success in life. If you doing less important things by others, you will be able to spend more time on your important tasks. Productivity time limited to everyone. In order to achieve something big, you have to use this time more.

12. Take inspiration

If you want to do time management, you have to keep yourself inspired. Find ways to keep yourself inspired about what you want to do with your life. Stay away from work that will waste time. Watch the Inspire related video to inspire yourself and read the book. Inspire yourself.

13. Night review

Before going to bed at night, analyze how the day went. Review what you did for every hour throughout the day. It lets you understand where you are doing wrong and where you are wasting time. When you review at night, make a routine what you will do every hour tomorrow. If you do night review, you will understand how the today went and what you will to do the day tomorrow.

14. Stress Management

If you are stress then you cannot focus 100% on your work. If you have stress, you can’t concentrate on work. If you have stress, the work that used to take one hour to complete will take three hours to complete. So, you have to learn to manage your stress, you have to learn to control the stress. Work is bad for the stress. So, take the stress out of your life.

Conclusion —

You need to be happy with the way you plan your day for time management.  Your love needs to be connected with a day- to- day routine. Create a day-to-day routine that you can happily complete, which can be attached to your goal, which can get feeling of satisfaction after completion. If time management gives you pain then connect with goal. If you can do time management, you can achieve success in life.