How to practice self-love and Benefits of self-love

Here we will discuss How to practice self-love and Benefits of self-love. The whole world can be conquered by the power of love. If anyone can truly love you, it is only you. Many of us feel low self-love in life and face many problems in life.

We always try how to make people around us happy. Almost all of us are constantly trying to figure out how much time we can give to others and how we can impress other. In this effort we forget ourselves and forget to take care of ourselves. We forget that we need to give ourselves time, we need to pay attention to ourselves. We also forget that us need a little self-love.

But you can make others happy only when you are happy yourself. You can only love others more when you love yourself. If you want people around you to like you and love you then first you like yourself and love yourself. Many people do not know how to self-love.

Here we will discuss the wonderful benefits of self-love and how to practice self-love in your life to change your relationship and life for the better. So without wasting time, you can jump into the writing.

Benefits of self-love

When people learn to love themselves, any problem in their life starts to solve it self. Those who cannot learn to love themselves have little chance success in life. Children with low self-love, they are more likely to fall prey to develop bad habits. Self-esteem increases when start self-love. As a result, you can become confident. As self-love increases, your personality will start to become attractive and everyone will be attracted to you. You will be able to solve any problem easily in life. You will be able to make better decisions in every area of life. If self -love increases, personal life and professional life will continue to improve.

10+Ways to practice self-love

Here we will discuss ways to practice self-love

1. Improve your mental diet

Just as you eat a healthy food and exercise regularly to maintain your physical health, so you must do something to maintain your mental health. As will your mental diet so will your behavior. How you think and your habits are dependent on the mental diet. So, you have to understand that mental diet is a very important issue. Just as you have to stop eating junk food for good physical health, similarly, to maintain good mental health should be stay away junk news, junk gossips, junk media. As a result, your mental health will be good, your positive thinking will come and you will be able to go on the journey of self-love.

2. Make your boundaries and do not be ashamed of that

You don’t need to do what others are doing. We all have different thoughts, everyone’s circumstance are different and everyone’s preferences are different.  Everyone is unique. everyone’s own beauty is different from others. So, the boundaries of each of us cannot be same. It is not right to do the work that you do not like or think is going against your principals.

You don’t need to have someone who will leave you if you don’t do the work that against your principals. It is better to say away from people who do not know how to respect your decision and do not want to understand the reason behind your saying no. Then you can go on the self-love journey. If you gain self-love, you can love the people around you much more.

3. Remove past wounds

Any bad memory or event from the past that is not connected to your present or connected to your future, it can hurt both your present and your future if you can’t leave it behind. If there is any bad memory from the past, there is no need to keep it in memory, it is better to forget. But we never think about it. We always wonder how that past of life has made the experience worse in life. We do not realize that if we continue with those bad experience of past, it will spoil both our present and our future. So, try to forget the bad memories. Leave the bad memories of the past behind and move forward in life.

One of the best ways to forget bad memories or negative thoughts is to start writing them down on paper. Write down everything you feel, anger, frustration etc. and then you throw the written papers in the dustbin or burn them. If you do this practice, you will see that gradually your anger, frustration, negativity, everything will start calm down.

Bring your focus from the past to the present. This way you can forget the bad memories of past and you love yourself.

4. Talk to yourself every day

We always try to talk to people and get advice. We try to find solutions to our problems by talking to others. But we never sit alone ask ourselves what we like or what we should do. Because we always think others are better than ourselves. This happens because of the low self-love.

The truth is that no one knows you better than you do, no one can understand you as much as you understand yourself. On one else can ‘t give you as much good advice as you can give yourself. So, spend time with yourself once a day and talk to yourself. This will make you love yourself more and boost your self-esteem. As your self-esteem increases, your confidence will begin to increase. As a result, you will be able to solve any problem in your life yourself.

5. Respect yourself

Start respecting yourself. We live an age where Facebook teaches us what kind of clothes to wear, the internet tells us what hotels to stay in and what kind of food to eat.  Because we try to please people around us. We do not care about our own likes or dislikes to please others; we ignore our own desires and we do not respect ourselves. As a result, even if we achieve success or earn a lot of money, we feel empty inside.

But when you take care of your likes and dislikes, you will stop ignoring yourself, you will respect yourself, you will wear dress your own choice, you will eat food as you like then you will start respecting yourself. When you start respecting yourself, your self-esteem will start to increase and self-esteem will be strengthened. Your brain starts to release happy chemicals, the ability to bear stress and anxiety increases manifold. If self-esteem is strong, you can easily complete any challenging task.

6. Spend time with nature

We are always busy with our own work. The rest of the time we are busy with mobile, TV, social media and technology. We have forgotten to be easy in life. We cannot feel ourselves.

When you get close to nature, you will be able connect yourself with nature’s stillness and nature’s divine energy. You can feel yourself when you will in a calm natural environment. When you can feel yourself, you will understand who you are and why you came into the earth. So, spend time with nature when you have free time or when you have time. You can feel yourself and you can love yourself. Great people and successful people spend some time of their life with nature.

7. Self-care of yourself

Self-care of yourself is just as important as working and taking care of others. To keep your healthy body, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, sleep on time and exercise regularly. Do something you love, read something you love, listen to something you love, watch something you love that you like and improve your skills.  It will keep your body healthy and your mind healthy. By doing this, you can build your self-love. If you do, you will be able to proceed on your self- love journey.

8. You take care your Inner child

When a child laughs and plays, the whole family is happy. If the child is sick, the whole family is tensed. Just like, this family is our body and mind. According to psychologists we also have a child inside us. Which is called inner child. We cannot be happy if our inner child is not happy, we can’t love ourselves and move forward in life.

When you don’t feel like working and feel stressed, you have to do these things you loved as your childhood to take care of your inner child healing. You can connect with your inner child by doing the things that made you happy as a childhood. You will be able to love yourself more when you will connect with your inner child.

9. Say thanks to all body parts

Give thanks to all your body parts every day. You thank the eyes through which you see everything in the beautiful world. Give thanks to the ear through which you hear everything.  Give thanks to the nose for through which you to breathe so easily and stay alive. Give thanks your head, hands, feet and your all-inner body parts for working 24/7 to keep you healthy and alive. Whether you are awake or asleep your inner body parts are constantly working for you, give them thanks every day for this. When you begin the practice of thanking your all body parts, you will automatically begin to focus more towards health. This will increase your self-love and you will be able to love yourself more.

10. Make a list of your qualities

Make a list of what special qualities you have.  You can take the help of people close to you to make the list. These qualities are your strength. When you see and read about your special qualities, you will realize that you have many good qualities. As a result, you can easily move forward in the self-love journey and it will be easier to take new steps to make yourself better. you will be able to more love yourself.

Conclusion —

By following the above points, you can follow how to practice self-love.  By following the points, you will be able to love yourself more. Your self-esteem will be strengthened and your confidence level will increase. If the confidence level is high, you will take better decisions in all areas of life. If you love yourself and you are happy, you will be able to love everyone around you more. As a result, your personal and professional relationship will be better.