48+ Christian Good Night Messages with Prayers

Welcome to our wonderful collection of Christian Good Night Messages with Prayers. God’s love for us is incomparable. So we always keep seeking His blessings for ourselves and our loved ones. Prayer is the strongest feeling we express for the people we love. Prayer is the most powerful feeling we express for those we love.  These manifestations become more stronger when your special ones receive these from you just before their sleep.

Here are your favorite some Christian Good Night Messages with Prayers. If you are looking for some Christian Good Night Messages with Prayers then you have come to the right page. You can send to your family, friends, loved ones or your acquaintances by choosing Christian Good Night Messages with Prayers from here to make your relationship stronger. So without wasting time let’s jump in.

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Christian Good Night Messages

Christian Good Night Messages for Friends

Christian Good Night Messages for Her

Christian Good Night Messages for Him

Prayer for a good night’s sleep without fear

Prayer for God to help me sleep earlier at night

Christian Good Night Messages

1. May God’s blessings shine upon you as you fall to sleep. Have a rest, my friend.

2. Good night to you. May God bless you with the sweetest dream.

3. May the Lord Jesus bless you, my love. Good night to you. Sleep well, my dear.

4. May the glory of God surround you as you close your eyes, my love. Good night!

5. May God lift all the burdens of yours as you sleep tonight. Wish you a good night.

6. My love, I am sending my prayers for your sound sleep, beautiful dreams, and peaceful morning. Good night.

7. I’ve said a prayer to Lord Jesus to grant you a peaceful sleep and give you strength for tomorrow. Good night to you!

8. May God keep you safe and secure like He would keep His own. May you have a blissful night. Good night!

9. May God bless you with a sound sleep tonight so that you wake up refreshed tomorrow morning. Good night and Sleep tight.

10. As the stars are in the sky to brighten up the night, in that way, may the light of God brighten up your life. So Sleep well and good night, my friend.

11. May the angels of heaven watch you through the hours of darkness and keep you safe from nightmares as you sleep. Good night, my love!

12. I wish the grace of Lord Jesus accompany you tonight, my dear friend. May tomorrow morning start with new hope for you. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

13. As you lay in sleep, may your dreams be filled with the sweetest and warmest ones. May you be wrapped up with Jesus’s unconditional love and blessings. So sleep tight, and good night, my love!

14. May God wash away all your fears, anxieties, heal your wounds and fill your mind with hope. May the grace of Lord Jesus embrace you as you fall to sleep. May your night be as sweet as you. Good night!

15. Cast aside every negative thought and leave the burdens to God cause He cares and listens to everyone. So I am praying for you so that my love can always stay worry-free and sleep in peace. Good night, Love!

Christian Good Night Messages for Friends

16. I know God has sent you to me to make my life better. Good Night, my friend. God bless you!

17. I pray to the God who is in control to free you from all the troubles and pain. Good Night, dear friend!

18. Here’s wishing you a good night, my friend! May God make your night more awesome and peaceful so you can rest well.

19. I pray for you that may God be your refugee in time of your trouble. Have a splendid night, my friend. Good night!

20. As you are about to end your day, I pray that may God send you the sweetest dream of happiness and success in your life. Good night, my friend.

21. As you close your eyes, may God fill your morning with better opportunities and more blessings. May He always protect you from darkness and illuminate your path with His love. Good night, my friend.

Christian Good Night Messages for Her

22. Dear, May God soften your heart and fill it with fresh hope. Good night!

23. I pray to the Lord above to shield you with His love and strength. Good night, darling!

24. May God fill your mind with peace and wise thoughts as you drift off to sleep. Good night, dear!

25. I know the actual meaning of love because of You! So I pray that may God watch over my wife through the night. Good night, sweetheart!

26. May God sprinkle His blessing upon you tonight and fill your dreams with the sweetest kinds of stuff. So rest well, Babe and good night!

27. You own half of my soul and know my vulnerable side more than anyone. May the warmth of God’s love embrace you tonight. Good night, darling!

28. May God send His guardian angels to watch over you and keep you safe tonight and every other night. May you have a beautiful dreamy night and a lovely morning tomorrow in the name of Jesus. Good night, sweetheart!

29. Hey, Babe, I wanted to say something before you land in the arms of Morpheus; I see my whole world in you. I love you. I pray that Lord Jesus blesses you and protects you as you sleep. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Christian Good Night Messages for Him

30. May the light of His grace illuminate your path and lead you through it. Rest well, dear.

31. May peace fill your mind as you lay down to sleep. May God give you a blissful sleep tonight. I love you.

32. May the words of Lord Jesus find you peace and bring comfort to your soul. Good night to you, dear.

33. May my handsome prince charming have the sweetest dream tonight. May God bless you, my dear. Good night!

34. I pour out my whole heart to the Kind Lord for you in every prayer so that you can have a rest and beautiful dreams.

35. I wish I could be by your side tonight! So I am sending you cute goodnight wishes from heaven as you dive into the dreamland.

36. Don’t you ever doubt what place you hold in my heart! You already have my entire heart, darling. No one can ever take that place. So rest well tonight. May God bless you. Good night.

Prayer for a good night’s sleep without fear

37. Thank you for being my refuge, in whom I find peace and joy.

38. Dear God, I think of your Word that tells me you will keep me in complete peace if I keep my thoughts on Christ.

39. Lord, I am going to sleep trusting in You, without insomnia, give me Your help and Your blessing tonight.

40. Thank You for taking care of me and now I give myself completely to You tonight. Under your cover I will be safe. Amen.

40. Tonight I need you to help me sleep well, make it a good night, without fear or disruption in my sleep, give me the peace that my heart longs for.

41. I go to my bed thinking of you, Lord, in all the love and shelter you offer me, take away any fear or dread of the night, of the dark or of thinking things I do not like.

Prayer for God to help me sleep earlier at night

42. Lord, tonight I pray that you will take control of my emotions, that nothing will take away my sleep.

43. Tomorrow, upon waking, I will thank you again for all your protection during my time of sleep.

44. Lord, I present to you my requests, my needs so that in your mercy you may answer me. Thank you for listening when I cry out to you.

45. I need you working in and around me, eternal God. I know you have all the power and can help me in my daily life, please guide me.

46. With a good night’s sleep prayer I want to go to bed, thanking You for Your care and protection for all of us who live in this house. Bless my family, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

47. I also ask that in that great peace you offer me I may rest tonight, that I may be diligent in going to bed earlier, that my sleep may be fruitful, that I may sleep all night without interruption, give me your sweet peace.

48. Lord, may I manage my desire to keep looking at my electronic devices, my cell phone, computer or tablet, before I go to sleep, may I be strong enough to turn everything off early and go to bed at a good time.

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