How to increase your Brain Power

Here we will discuss How to increase your Brain Power. The human brain is the most complex thing in the world. Our brains are more powerful than supercomputers. Most people do not know about the power of the brain and do not value. Most parts of the brain fall into disuse as a result of not being used.

Common person uses 5 to 10 percent of their brain, about 90 to 95 percent of the brain falls as a unused part. If a man can increase his brain usage by a few percent, he will be able to do great things in his life. Scientists like Einstein, Newton, Nicholas have been able to use 40 to 50 percent of their brains.

Ordinary people who use 5 to 10 percent of the brain, if they can use 20 to 25 percent of the brain, then they will be able to do great things in life.

Here we will discuss how to increase brain power. With a lot of unknown information and simple solutions, you can increase the power of your brain and make strange changes in your life. So let’s jump straight in without wasting time.

Physical level of brain power

In order to increase the power of the brain, it is very important to increase its power at the physical level as well. Two percent of our body weight is our brain. This two percent brain drives our whole body. In addition to our overall physical condition the fertility of our brain depends on what kind of food or nutrition we give to the body. Twenty percent of the energy that is produced from the food we eat throughout the day is consumed by our brain. So the efficiency of the brain depends a lot on the food you eat. If the brain is not properly nourished, it will not be healthy and if it is not healthy, it will not be able to function properly.

Studies have shown that eating foods that we like increases the secretion of dopamine hormone in the brain. As a result, our minds are filled with joy. But in this case, it must be remembered that in addition to increasing the strength of the brain, attention must be paid to the digestive system. If you eat whatever you like because you like it, you will not be able to digest it, so the loss is more than the benefit.


The human digestive system is home to more that100 trillion microorganisms. They help maintain connections to the brain. Maintaining a balance between microorganisms is very important for the health of the brain. This is why our stomach is called the second brain. That means if your stomach is right then your brain will work properly. For this reason, according to experts say that you should include fruits, vegetables, antioxidant foods, fatty acids and omega-3 foods in your daily diet. These foods are especially good for keeping your brain active. It is very important to drink enough water, because our brains contain 70 percent water. When the amount of water in the body is low, the brain will not be able to function properly. So drink enough water.

In addition to brain nutrition, exercise is also very important. Exercise not only keeps the body healthy but also increases the size of the brain. With regular exercise, the number of synapses in the brain increases and new brain cells are formed. Shirshasana and Sarbangasana are very beneficial for the brain. Pranayama multiplies the power of the brain. Also, walking, swimming, dancing, any physical exercise that increases heart rate and sweating which are very beneficial for the brain.

In addition, sleep is important for increasing the efficiency of the brain. Without adequate sleep, our brain loses its ability to function. One study found that less than five hours of sleep and more than ten hours of sleep interferes with the brain’s ability to function. At least six to eight hours of deep sleep helps keep the brain healthy. Studies have also shown that if we can keep the sleep time between 10 pm and 4 am, we can get the fullness of sleep. People who sleep late at night and wake up late should give up this habit. It does not cause full sleep but causes various diseases in the body and gradually the efficiency of the brain decreases.

Mental level of memory

If not mentally strong, the function of the brain becomes low. Your mind drives the brain. No matter how physically healthy your brain is, it is important to be mentally strong. Our minds think and imagine based on the information stored in our brains. And that’s how we do things, big and small work in our daily lives. When mentally weak, the brain loses its function. When the mental level is weak, the functioning of the brain also becomes weak. So in order to increase the efficiency of the brain, the mental level has to be strengthened.

Our mind is always thinking and thinking something. Most of these thoughts are different types of anxiety, fear, anger, hatred, fear, etc. There are many reasons for our fear, such as fear of not getting good test results, fear of not getting a job, work pressure when you get a job, fear of slander, fear of society, fear of financial problems, fear of ill, etc. etc. Hundreds of such fears have engulfed us. As a result, the mental level is getting weaker instead of stronger, and you don’t understand that. If you notice a little, you will understand how weak your mental level has becomes, as a result your brain’s efficiency is declining. You too can check out the small incidents of daily life. The biggest symptom is forgetfulness, such as forgetting the name of an acquaintance, forgetting minor chores.

Many people think that forgetting is a problem due to age. But that’s not right. The size of the brain increases with age. That is, the brain function increases with age. Forgetfulness does not depend on age unless one is old. The problem of forgetfulness is seen in people of different ages.

Being physically ill can reduce the efficiency of the brain, hormonal imbalance, complex disease, medication side effects, bad habit of intoxication etc. can reduce the efficiency of the brain. This is a completely different matter, requiring treatment. But if you are a healthy person and suffer from forgetfulness then you must understand that your mental level is weakened. And as a result, your brain is not working properly.

Stress, depression and anxiety, negative thinking weakens the mental level so much that the brain cannot function properly.

What should be done to strengthen the mental level?

Read books to strengthen the mental level. Reading a book improves the mental level, increases brain power, is able to make the right decision.

play brain games to strengthen the mental level, such as Chess, Sudoku, Crossword. These types of brain games help to increase the efficiency of the brain.

Maintain socialization to strengthen the mental level. In today’s age of social media we have all become homely and selfish. Spend time face-to-face with friends, neighbor and relatives, not just on social media. It will relieve mental fatigue, your mental level will become much stronger and better. Your brain will be healthy, strong, fresh and refreshed. Face-to-face communication increases the efficiency of the brain.

Diary writing is also an effective way to strengthen the mental level. At the end of the day, remembering the experience of the whole day, writing on the pages of the diary increases the ability to remember. New cells are formed in the brain and the mental level is strong.

Try to do things a little differently than you normally would. Suppose, brush your teeth with your left hand instead of brushing your teeth with your right hand. If you have a habit of writing with the right hand, try to write with the left hand. As a result, brain becomes confused and concentrates on new tasks, producing new cells and new neurons. This greatly increases the capacity of the brain. Learning something new and doing something creative increases the power of the brain.

Spiritual effects on the brain

The spiritual way is the best way to increase the capacity of the brain. The person who strengthened the brain in a spiritual way, he is above all. Stress and depression, anxiety, worry, nothing can touch him anymore.

A person is born as a human being in this world irrespective of race or religion. The family that is born grows up following the religious customs of that family. Religions, customs, social behaviors man has created his own needs. In the universe according to the laws of creation nothing is different. To creation all human beings are equal, all living being are equal. In how can one connect oneself with this universe, that’s where its importance becomes differs. It is possible only by spiritual consciousness. The best way to do this is through meditation.

Meditation connects us directly to the universe. Meditation is able to increase the capacity of the brain power. Those who meditate regularly must know the results. Those who do not meditate, start today without wasting time. In a few days you will realize that strange changes are happening in life.

There are many benefits to meditating. If one does it with a Shambhavi Mudra, then ability is multiplied many times over.

According to a study conducted by the University of California, students practicing with Shambhavi Mudra meditation increased their brain power by 241 percent. It is nothing short of wonderful. So meditation is considered to be the best way to increase the efficiency of the brain.

Conclusion —

The structure of every human brain is almost the same. But each person’s personality is different based on how they are making themselves.

Hope you also take the right steps to strengthen your brain. And with proper  increases brain function, you too will become a person of extraordinary personality.