What is the meaning of life? Know the inner Essence of your life.

Here we will discuss what is the meaning of life. What is the meaning of life, that is a question we never ask ourselves. Even today many people believe that mankind is God’s creation. God had some great purpose behind creating the human race. That great purpose is the “meaning of life”.

Humans are the most intelligent creatures in this beautiful world. Humans have made like their lives their own with superior intelligence. Man has made his life comfortable with facilities. Humans are constantly striving to make life beautiful. People today are on top of everyone with new ideas, new inventions and new opportunities. But we are not forgetting the meaning of that life for which so much?

Here we are going to discuss the meaning of life. So, without wasting time let’s jump in.

To understand what is meaning of life, at first one must understand what life is. Life is body, mind, intelligence, self-awareness and the soul these five things are our life. Our lives literally depend these five things.

Generally, most people think of their own identity as own life. The identity of people is formed on the basis of the work they do on the society. A person’s own work, wealth, influence, prestige, value, respect, name, success, good and bad all this together make up a person’s identity. We are used to seeing ourselves according to this identity. This is how we know ourselves.

You are a doctor, you are an engineer, you are powerful, you are rich, you are a master, you are intelligent, you are kind, and many more, but these identities are not your life. If that were the case then life would not have left you as long as these identities remained. As long as you are a doctor or an engineer you will not die. As long as you are intelligent or influential you will not die. As long as you are rich you will not die or life will not leave you.

No one knows until the last moment when life will leave them.  Life cannot be held back by any things like money, property, job, influence, prestige. This is where life matters.

Life has a certain nature, there are different levels, there is greatness, if you understand them, you can realize that the taste and joy of life can be completely different. There is no need for this so-called identity. These identities are certainly needed for social reasons, but they are not necessary for understanding life and improving it at different levels.

Life is like a big lake.  Like, Lake does not force you to get into the water. Even if you drown again, the lake does not lift you up. To get into the water you have to get down yourself. Only then you can enjoy the pleasure of bathing. And only if you know how to swim, you will be able to enjoy the absolute pleasure of getting into the water. Our life is like this. You have to get yourself into this life lake of yours, only then will you understand how precious life is. There is nothing outside that exists within you.

Our life is one. None of us are immortal. All of us will die one day. Death of one who is born is inevitable. But none of us remember that. We have become accustomed to extreme irregularity and uncontrolled living. As if we will never die.

Millions of people who have done many great things before us are no one today, only their works remain. Great people are not alive today and we will not be alive one day.

An average of one and a half lakh people die every day in the world. We are lucky that we are still alive. No one can say whether I will be alive tomorrow. Whether tomorrow or a year or ten years or 50 years later our name will be among one and a half lakh people. This is the real truth. We should always remember this fact. Always remember that none of us are mine. We should thank God that we are still alive. It is a matter of great joy that we are still alive and we doing our work.

According to the rules of creation, according to the laws of the universe our life span is very short. Humans have a maximum lifespan of either 80 or90 or 100 years. But some people live more than 100 years, however, this is very rare.

After the creation of the Earth, it took billions of years to cool. Then billions of years have passed for the pulse of life was created. Then after many years the age of dinosaurs came and went extinct.   After Six and a half million years  have passed and the of primitive man is  came. Then, thousands of years later, now advanced people are living on earth. So, our age from70 to 100, is very short time. It is like when bubbles are formed in the ocean.

Time moves on, no one can stop him. Whether you work or sit, read a book or go for a run, time moves on. Just as the clock is ticking forward, our lives are moving towards death little by little.

No matter what age you are you need to understand the value of time and the value of life. If your life is happy, if your life is spent in peace and happiness then the time will end faster. Because good time pass quickly. But whose life is sorrowful, this time may seem too long to him. Because the time of trouble does not want to pass quickly.

So, start managing time without wasting time and start moving with time. You have to manage yourself as well as time management. You have to improve your life management over time. Only then can you keep up with the time.

Whatever life it is, it is a matter of great joy that we are still alive. If you remember that you are not immortal and that death is inevitable one day, then you will strive to know or understand life.

Only if you are aware of death will you be aware of life. The sense of life will be awakened. Only then you will understand the importance of life and the value of life. If you realize the fact that you don’t have much time on your hands then you will do the work that you really need to do. What you really want to do is what you need and what you should do?

We don’t have that much time to waste on nonsense work. Life is only one. As much as possible all the valuable work of life should be gained, valuable feeling, wonderful knowledge. One should take a look at what is the importance of this life. So don’t waste your time and make use the right purpose it from today.

There are some rules you have to follow every day.

  1. Every day thank God for the fact that you are alive. Give thanks to all the people, animals, plants, and things associated with your life that you always need in your life.
  2. Before going to bed at night, think about what you have done throughout the day. Are you satisfied with what you have done? What you did was enough? If not, what should be done? The next day try to do those things that will make life worthwhile, will bring satisfaction and find meaning in life.

Conclusion —

If you do this habit for few days, there will be strange changes in your life. In this way you will find the real meaning of life, you will find the true joy of living of life. Thus begins the true philosophy of life. So, Know and understand life without wasting time.