How to Stop Overthinking / 10 ways to Stop Overthinking

Here we will discuss how to Stop Overthinking. There are a lot of people who have something overthinking going on in their head all the time. What is overthinking going on in your head all the time? This thoughts comes when you are alone or this thoughts comes when you are with someone or although with many, different kinds of thoughts keep coming in mind. Again this thought so annoying many people that they can’t sleep at night. Lack of sleep at night causes different types of problems occur.

Insomnia is caused by not being able to sleep at night. Not only this, with the cause of overthinking many more problems are created. Like Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Tension, Decreased memory, Concentration problems etc problems are being caused by to this overthinking.

Many studies have shown that apart from illness, the lack of fulfillment in human life, there is no happiness, lack of success all this are happening because of overthinking.

Overthinking is destroying the lives of many people. So, here we are going to discuss some ways on how you can stop overthinking.  So without wasting time lets jump right in to in.

First you need to know what overthinking is?

Unwanted thoughts running around in the head, some thoughts keep coming in the head, the chatter continues in the head, this is called overthinking

There are three types of overthinking.

Confusing overthinking  / Distractive overthinking

Constructive overthinking

Vague overthinking / Obscure overthinking

Confusing overthinking / Distractive overthinking — This overthinking leads to self-pity. This creates suspicion that features are bad and image is bad. Like, “Why did that happen to me? My luck is bad. Why did God do that to me?  etc.

Constructive overthinking — This means where you voluntarily give birth to directional, only positive thinking, solution oriented thinking. Suppose, there is no answer to any math question, you are looking for a way to find a solution in a positive way. You are overthinking to figure out the math answer.

Vague overthinking / Obscure overthinking — This over thinking is not purpose full, not solution oriented, not positive thinking, not negative thinking.

No one does over thinking on purpose. Thoughts from side to side continue to run in the head together. Body and mind do not stay in one place. Happiness cannot be achieved and the mind is not happy because of over thinking. Because of this many people cannot achieve success in life, can’t do anything with confidence.

You can get rid of vague overthinking by following my written tips.

Best 10+ Steps to stop overthinking

Here we are going to mention some ways and steps that you can follow to stop overthinking.

1. Must meditate and deep breathing regularly

To get rid of over thinking you need to practice meditation and deep breathing. Meditate and deep breathing regularly. Practice in the deep breathing when you have time during the day. If you have 10 minutes practice deep breathing, if you have 5 minutes practice deep breathing, if you have 1 minute practice deep breathing, must be practice deep breathing when you have time.  When you focus on breathing and practice deep breath, the thoughts will start to clear as the oxygen level in the body increase. Thoughts will begin to move towards emptiness.

2. Increase consciousness

When thoughts come to mind, start to see where the thoughts are coming from. You will see that the thoughts will start to stop coming. Start to see where thoughts are actually coming from. When you start to see where the thoughts are coming from, the thoughts will stop coming. This way you will be able to control the over thinking.

3. Clear the old thoughts of the past from the brain

For example, when dirty accumulates in the house, if it is not cleaned, the dirty starts to rot, the house smells bad. In the same way, we have a lot of thoughts in our heads that are related to the past. We don’t get those out of our heads. Thoughts of the past give birth to over thinking as we accumulate in the head. As a result of suppressing the thoughts of the past in the head, different types of dreams also come during sleep at night. So, that the unproductive thoughts of the past have to be taken out of the head.

But now the question, how to get unproductive thoughts out of your head? That’s the way it is, any work that you did not succeed in, any painful memories, write down such memories of the past. Then burn the written papers or fold it up and throw them in the trash can. With this practice you will gradually feel emotionally relaxed. As you continue to practice this habit, your over thinking will gradually begin to diminish.

4. Write down

To stop over thinking you must write down your thoughts and your problems on a piece of paper. After writing, look carefully at what your problems are or what kind of problems you have. Then focus on solving the problems. Use your full power and energy to solve problems.

Over thinking does not solve the problem. The way to solve the problem is to find. When you find the solution to the problem, your over thinking will automatically start to decrease.

5. Stop thinking about the beliefs system

Over thinking will continue to grow if you have faith or think about the old belief system. You need to stop thinking about belief, become realistic and you have to think in a scientific way. But you can think properly. You will be able to make the right decision in life. If you think realistically, you will be able to gradually get out of over thinking.

Suppose you started a new business or a new job. If there is a problem at work, think about how to solve it with a scientific approach or realistic thinking, you will find the right solution. You can’t find the right solution if you think imaginatively or rely on the belief system.  So, think realistically or scientifically about any part of life like relationship, business, job and health etc. Look at the life, as a life, not my life.

6. Consume positive information

You need to change the information you consume from outside in order to stop over thinking. Accurate and positive information consume needs to do.

Suppose you want to build a healthy body. Healthy food and exercise are required to get healthy body. A healthy body requires 80 percent healthy food and 20 percent exercise.  You want to build a healthy body but you do not eat healthy food, you do not exercise and eating junk food then you cannot build healthy body. In the same way, if you want to have a strong mind and healthy mind or think less and think better, you need a mind’s healthy diet. Mind’s diet is information. The information you consume from outside needs to be of good quality and needs to be positive information.

The kind of content you listen to, your mind will be start to create the kind of action and that way your character will start to form. Like, you have seen any one horror movies. If you are alone at home for any reason, you will be scared if there is any small noise at night. The information that you have consume slowly begins to marge through in your mind. Information is not deleted from the mind rather new information tends to enter in the mind. So the information you consume every day to stop for over thinking must be of good quality and positive information.

If you hear positive or elevating information, right after you get up in the morning, it starts changing your thoughts.

7. Manage your stress

You need to learn to manage your stress. You learn to manage your stress instead of the stress manage you. Control the stress.

You spend time in a secluded quiet natural environment when you will feel too much mental stress.  This will keep the mind calm. Over thinking will be less.

Listen to your favorite songs or watch your favorite movies in your spare time. This will start to reduce your over thinking.

8. Control your fears

Strange unreasonable fears or extraneous thoughts start coming to our mind when we feel fear for some work or something. So you have to control your fear. Find a solution to any problem you may be having. That way you can control the fear and if you can control the fear, over thinking will be less.

9. Immerse yourself in the happiness and deep work

Immerse yourself in happiness. Enjoy and be happy wherever you find happy moments.  If the children are smiling, smile with the children. Spend time with children. If you like looking at flowers or looking at flower gardens, please smile and express. Open your mind smile at happy moments. Get out of over thinking and go to happiness.

Get yourself involved in deep work. Immerse yourself in the work that will bring you success in your life. Engage yourself in activities that will give you joy and happiness. This will allow you to get out of over thinking.

Make it a habit to say thank you. Whatever you have or thank God for everything he has given you. It will make you feel good and you will be happy, over thinking will not come in the head.

10. Think purposefully

Think purposefully at one time of the day. Think purposefully by eliminating unwanted thoughts. Observe throughout the day, what did you do all day, how did you spend today, what things have been good in your life, how do you plan next day? Do these purposeful thoughts before going to bed at night. Doing so will gradually reduce the over thinking.

Stay in the present moment. When you do that work, think about that work and focus in that work.

Final words:

As a result of over thinking, it definitely affects the mind, reduces decision making abilities. Impacts creativity, efficiency and productivity tends to decrease.

People want to change themselves from the outside. But first you have to change your mind. You have to control your mind. Minds need to be made strong by reducing over thinking. Emotions need to be controlled. Then you can achieve success in life.

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