How to overcome mental laziness and increase Productivity

Here we will discuss How to overcome mental laziness and increase Productivity. All the successful people of the world have said that, awake, arise and don’t stop until your goal is achieved.

Our biggest enemy is not outside but lurking within us. Our biggest enemy is our laziness. There are two types of laziness. One is the laziness of the mind and other is the laziness of the body.

Here we will discuss about ways to eliminate mental laziness.

We want to do many things in life. But due to laziness of mind we cannot do many important things in life. We keep thinking that we will start from tomorrow and not from today and we keep looking for excuses not to start from tomorrow. To reach the goal and to get success in life, this laziness of mind must be removed. Purpose of life should be fixed to remove mental laziness. The Purpose is the fuel to the body and mind. Overcoming mental laziness is not a very difficult task.

Ways to overcome mental laziness

Here we are going to mention some ways and steps that you can follow to avoid of your mental laziness. So, without wasting time let’s jump in.

1. Make yourself interested in the work

Laziness will be come to mind while doing the work which is not of interest. Mind will not accompany you while working, the mind will be filled with laziness. And laziness of the mind also affects the body. A task that interesting sends signals your mind-body to do that task and finish it quickly.

There are so many things we have to do in our life that we are not interested in doing. But that work has to be done if it helps to reach the goal of life and can bring success in life. If there is no interest the work then do future visualization to create interest. Close your eyes and imagine the result if you do the work. Visualizing the future will help create interest in the work.

For example, you want to lose weight. In this work you have to do a lot of hard work and stop eating many favorite foods. This may seem difficult to do and may not create interest. To create interest in this work, need to be future visualized. Close your eyes and imagine the result of the action, how do you look now and how you will look yourself after losing weight, you can wear your favorite clothes, how attractive do you look etc. If you occasionally visualize the future, then your interest in the weight loss process will gradually start to coming.  You will realize that you have to work hard to get good results. By doing future visualization, difficult work will start to come in interest.

2. prepare the mind for work and maintain a routine

Prepare yourself mentally before starting any big task and prepare your body for work. Establish a routine before taking big steps. Do the work for first five minutes to ten minutes. Give the signal to the mind that you are starting the work from today. Gradually increase the time, 10 to 20 minutes,20 to30 minutes,30 to one hour. In this way gradually interest in your difficult work will start increasing. As a result, you can reach your goals.

Once the work is started, do not stop, do not break the routine. If time is short, practice the work for some time. Daily work should be continued and it should be made a habit of doing the work. Future visualization and maintain routine, if you start doing these two tasks regularly, you will see that gradually your interest in your difficult tasks will start to be created. By doing these two things you will move towards your goal by which you can achieve success quickly. And in this way you can avoid the laziness of your mind.

3. Start the work you thinking of doing right now

Many people think of starting a work but cannot start because of mental laziness. For example, you thought you start going to morning walk tomorrow. The next morning you woke up and thought again that you would start going from tomorrow not from today. Or someone smokes cigarettes, He thought he would quit smoking cigarettes from tomorrow. But the next day he thought again that would quit smoking cigarettes are not from today from tomorrow. Do not do this. Start doing the work that your brain is preventing you from doing the work due to mental laziness. If you are thinking about quitting a bad habit, start when you are thinking about quitting from then on. Again, if you are thinking of making a good habit, try to make good habit from the moment you think about it.

When you brain constantly receives signals to create a good habit or break a bad habit, you will see a wonderful change begin to take place within you. Your brain will understand that you are very interested this work. Maybe one only day is not possible without any bad habit or it is not possible to form any good habits but gradually that habit will start forming in you. This way you can eliminate mental laziness.

4. Dress according to the work you will be doing

Sometimes the reason you can’t do the work you want to do is because you can’t feel the work. For example, you thought of going for a morning walk, you wake up in the morning but not wanting to go for a morning walk, then you wear the clothes and shoes for the morning walk, get ready for morning walk. You will see that laziness will disappear in your mind and you will be able to go for morning walk.

Your dress and your confidence will help you to do this hard work. Your dress and your confidence will help you to do this hard work. Similarly, when you need to do some important work but suffering from mental laziness, then wear the appropriate dress for that work and prepare yourself, you will see that your mental energy will come for do this work. In this way you can avoid your mental laziness.

5. The energy of the mind is dependent on the body

The relationship between our body and mind highly interdependent. You may have noticed that if there is a problem in your body, it automatically reaches your mind. Again, if there is too much pressure on the mind, the body becomes restless and does not sleep at night.

If there is laziness in the body, the signal reaches the mind and the laziness comes to the mind. There is no desire to do any work. When the body and the mind are connected and feel together energetic, there is no laziness between body and mind. When your mind is energetic, your body automatically feels energetic. When the mind is energetic, the body creates the environment to work and complete. When the energy of body and mind are connected together, the work is only half done.

6. Plan your day

Sometimes there is laziness in the mind for not planning the day. The mind does not understand what it has to do. So, if you command the mind to work, them the mind will work. When the mind has no work, the mind starts overthinking. To use the mind, you have to create a daily routine.

Divide the day’s work into two parts, first half and second half. Plan 80 percent of the work in the first half of the day and plan 20 percent of the work in the second half of the day.

Early in the day our minds are most energetic, the most productive, the most futuristic and at this time our brain releases the most positive chemicals. The most important time for work is from the morning to two in the afternoon. During this time you do the important tasks of the day that will help you reach your goals and bring success in life. Work 80 percent of the day during this time. Then do the second half of the day i.e. twenty percent work.  Do less important tasks during this time. If you want to do more after completing 20 percent work of the second half, you will have plenty of time to do whatever you want.

Many of us try do many things and try to get success in life but the work starts from any one day. If you don’t plan the day, your mind will continue to have overthinking and you may experience mental laziness. So, plan the day to get success in life to avoid mental laziness. Every night before going to bed, write down the previous day’s activities on a paper or in a diary and work according to the plan every day. By this you can develop yourself as a disciplined person.

Conclusion —

A little discipline today and a little sacrifice today will lead you to success in your future.

By following the above mention points, you can eliminate mental laziness. If the laziness of the mind is removed, interest will come in your work and you can move forward with the goal of life. And you can achieve success in life.