How to do Alpha Level Meditation for Mental Relaxation.

Here we will discuss How to do Alpha Level Meditation for Mental Relaxation. The Alpha state of mind is the best brain wave frequency for meditation. Every person should be meditation done to understand life properly. If you want to know the true meaning of life, there is no substitute for meditation. Various types of mental stress, mental restlessness, mental fatigue and directionless lifestyle of the present era’s busy life have made people confused. The only excellent way to get rid of these is meditation.

Those who have not yet started meditation or those who cannot meditate properly after starting or if someone simply cannot concentrate on meditation for some reason or who have started but lost patience and stopped meditation. You to practice meditation with patience for a few days. You will notice that once you get into the habit of meditation, amazing changes will surely come in your life.

Here we will discuss meditation in the brain wave Alpha State. So, without wasting time let’s dive into the discussion.

Our brain also vibrates at a certain frequency just as our heart vibrates. The human brain is made up of about 86 billion neurons. Our neurons system transmit data from one neuron to another through electrochemical processes and as a result, waves are generated. With the advancement of science, we have learned a lot about the brain. German psychiatrist Hans Barger invented E E G. After the discovery of E E G, it is possible to measure the waves of the electrochemical processes by exchanging information on our brain.

Different types of brain waves

Our brain produces different brain waves depending on different conditions. Brain waves are divided into 5 states according to their frequency.

1. Gamma state

2. Beta state

3. Alpha state

4. Theta state

5. Delta state

1. Gamma state – At this state the human brain frequency 35 to 100 Hz. When people are under great pressure or have to be very busy with many tasks at once or have to intense focus themselves in some work then the frequency of the human brain is in the Gamma state

2. Beta state – The next level of the Gamma state is the Beta state. At this state the human brain frequency 13 to 34 Hz. When people are awake, they perform activities of daily life such as housework, office work, and general activity then the frequency of the human brain is in the Beta state. That is, when we are doing things in our conscious condition, our brain frequency is in the Beta state.

3. Alpha state – The next level of the Beta state is the Alpha state. At this state the human brain frequency 8 to12 Hz. When people are in a state of relaxation, that is it is resting but have not fallen asleep, immerse themselves in some imagination or visualize something or think creatively, then the human brain is in the alpha state. At this time, human creativity and ability to think creatively is very highest.

4. Theta state – At this state the human brain frequency 4 to 7 Hz. When we are full rested that is half asleep and half-awake or light sleep then our brain frequency is in the Theta state. People dream in this Theta level of brain frequency.

5. Delta state – The last state is Delta state. At this state our brain frequency ranges from 0 to 3 Hz. When we fall into deep sleep then our brain frequency is in the Delta state. During this time sleep is so deep sleep we do not dream during this time. At this time our body begins its healing process and tries to fix various problems in the body.

Here the question, how to take the mind to Alpha state or how to meditate with Alpha state?

The Alpha state of the mind can be reached in several of ways. For example, suppose you are sitting on an open roof looking at the sky, your mind is immersed in some deep fantasy. Your mind then goes into an Alpha state. Of course, going to the Alpha state like this can help you to think or imagine creatively, but there is no result of meditation.

If you can concentrate on something specific some time then your mind will gradually go into Alpha state. Then your mind will slowly pass by Alpha state. If Anyone by meditating Using this method, he will reach the Alpha state of the mind very quickly and he will get the best results of meditation.

It is very important to believe in meditation to meditate. Because it is difficult to fully concentrate without having faith in the meditation or sitting down to meditate with full will. Again, and again the mind will wander here and there and small things will become a cause of irritation. So, if you want to meditate, you need full faith and full will power for meditate.

To meditate in the Alpha level of mind, first, choose a quiet, calm and pleasant place to meditate. To meditate in the Alpha level of mind, first, choose a quiet, calm and pleasant place to meditate. Then sit upright in Padmasana or Sukhasana, closed eyes and took long deep breaths, take eight to ten deep breaths, now slowly normalize the breathing. With eyes closed, focus your gaze between the eyebrows, visualize a point of light between the eyebrows and place full attention there.

Now you are about to connect with the Universe. You are not just a body of flesh and blood, you are a holy spirit, pure soul. You are part of the Universe and the Universe resides within you. Your inner Universe and your soul are merging into one with the Universe. Imagine countless points of light, countless rays of light entering your body. Feel it and say in your heart “I am not just a body of flesh and blood, I am part of the Universe, I am a holy soul,” and say it over and over. Breathe normally and keep the entire focus cantered on a point in the between the eyebrows. If you stay this way for a while, your brain will gradually go into the Alpha state.

If you practice this way for a few days, you will realize that the Alpha waves in your brain are increasing and you are entering deep meditation. If you practice meditation like this for quite some days, you can easily move from the Alfa state to the Theta state. In this way you can engage yourself in deep meditation completely without any thoughts. But there remains a possibility of falling asleep during this time. So, you have to come out of sleep fully conscious.

There is no time to understand what state your mind was in while performing meditating. If you keep thinking these things while meditating that your brain is in an Alpha state or Theta state, then you will not be able to do your meditating properly. Once the meditation is done, you will automatically understand which state of the brain you practiced meditation.

Benefits of meditating in the Alpha state

Among the five brain waves, the Alpha state and Theta state states are considered the best for meditation.

Meditating in the Alpha state of the brain has many benefits. Mental agitation, mental stress, anxiety, mental restlessness, upset, mental thoughts and blood pressure, etc. physical problems are eliminated forever and Excellent for resting, helps to filter out distractions, good for studying. When the human brain is in Alpha state, the ability of the visualization power and creativity power increases a lot. The human brain is able to think better at this state. At this time, if you can meditate consciously, give correct affirmations and correct visualization, then your message goes directly to the subconscious mind and it will sure materialize.

This possibility becomes stronger with Theta state. Because the brain frequency of Theta state is so low that at that time there is no more thought in mind, almost thoughtless. But if you don’t practice meditation regularly, Theta state is more likely to fall asleep.

In the Alpha state one can, be in a fully conscious state. In this Alpha state, the amount of thought is not quite zero, but the amount of thought is very low. At this point our visualization and creative power are at an extreme. As a result, affirmation can be given correctly and visualized can be done correctly at this time. During this time, only meditation gives excellent results and those who choose to use Affirmation or visualization can also get the best results.

 For these reasons, the Alpha state of the brain is considered the best time to meditation.


Those who want to use the Law of Attraction, if they want to send a message to the subconscious mind, give an affirmation or visualized a desire, they can get excellent result if they do this in the Alpha state of the brain.