Top 11 Best Political Strategists and Consultants in India 2024

Amit Shah

Amit Shah’s astute strategic judgement has significantly influenced the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) remarkable political prowess.

Prashant Kishor

Prashant Kishor (PK) is the key person to work with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make him win in 2014 Election. He worked with Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi and other Leaders.

Sunil Kanugolu

Sunil Kanugolu is a Indian Political Strategist has worked with DMK, ADMK for Tamil Nadu. His team has worked closely as Polls task force for Congress Party of Karnataka Election 2023.

Niranjan Ramesh Babu

Niranjan is the Founder of 'Political Analytics India' , Ex.I-PAC, have worked with Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andaman Nicobar, West Bengal, Maharastra, AP & Telangana Election.

Rajat Sethi

Rajat Sethi is a Public policy enthuasist, he currently appointed as Political adviser to Chief Minister of Manipur. He is active in impacting Politics of North eastern states.

Ankit Lal

Ankita Lal is a Political Consultant worked with AAP as a Digital campaign lead and managing AAP party Social media for their digital outreach.

Naresh Arora

Naresh Arora is one of the Political Strategist have experience working with Punjab & Himachal Pradesh Election for their Digital Media Campaign.

Saurabh Vyas

Saurabh Vyas owns a election campaign management company, helps in supporting Political party and Leaders for Survey, Research, Opinion polls and Digital media support.

Vivek Singh Bagri

Vivek Singh Bagri runs an Election campaign Management and Political consulting firm in India. His team has worked with various MP's and MLA for winning in the election.

Amit Malviya

Amit Malviya is Political strategist and national convener of BJP IT Cell. Using his strategies BJP gained more Digital traction in the social media for various Elections.

Sharaschandra Shankar

Shankar Nag runs a unit called Rajneethi have experience working with various Election for survey management and worked with Karnataka elections 2023.

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