Top 10 Most Watched Web Series Worldwide

The Series Game of Thrones (2011–2019)

The series was directed by Mark Mylod, Alex Graves, David Nutter.  The number of viewers increased from 9.3 million in season one to 46 million in season eight, as the show’s popularity continued to rise.

Stranger Things (2016 - 2022)

The series, Season 1 was viewed for 45.22 million hours, Season 2 for 41.11 million hours, and Season 3 for 36.59 million hours. Season four has already accumulated 1.15 billion hours of view time, making it the second most-watched season in the history of Netflix.

The Walking Dead (2010 to 2022)

The genres of the program are horror, serial drama, and zombie apocalypse. The show attained its zenith in the fifth season, when the season premiere attracted 17.3 million viewers and became the most-watched episode of a cable television series in history.

Money Heist (2017–2021)

Money Heist is a Spanish heist criminal drama that debuted on Netflix streaming on May 2, 2017. The plot centers on eight robbers who barricade themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain and take numerous captives.

Mirzapur (2011–2019)

The series’ central themes have made it a fan favorite. The second season broke records by becoming the most-watched show on Amazon Prime Video in India in just seven days.

The Squid Game (2021)

The series rapidly surpassed 111 million viewers and ranked first in 94 countries worldwide to become the most popular show in Netflix’s history.

Vikings (2013–2020)

Vikings has six total seasons. Ragnar Lothbrok’s transformation from a simple farmer into a fearless combatant and leader of the Viking tribes is the central theme of the narrative. 

Breaking Bad (2008–2013)

The show follows high school chemistry teacher Walter White as he begins a meth production business to pay off his medical debt after discovering he has cancer. The program is one of the most successful television series.

Lucifer (2016–2021)

In this series, a demon who returns from Hell and settles in Los Angeles. He quickly becomes involved with the local police and assists them in solving crimes. The series became the number one original streaming program in the United States.

The Prison Break (2005–2017)

The plot of the program focuses on an innocent man executed for a crime he did not commit due to a political conspiracy. The serial drama, criminal drama, and action thriller elements of the program have garnered awards and critical acclaim.

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