Titanic Star Kate Winslet Speaks Out On “Horrible” Experience

Kate Winslet is opening up about her experiences on Titanic.

The actress, who starred in James Cameron’s 1997 historical epic alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, gave an interview to Porter in which she covered the pressures of fame and the scrutiny of the media following the film’s release.

“I felt like I had to look a certain way, or be a certain thing, and because media intrusion was so significant at that time, my life was quite unpleasant,” Winslet says.

As a result, she took smaller roles after Titanic - her way of shunning the spotlight.

“Journalists would always say, ‘After Titanic, you could have done anything and yet you chose to do these small things’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, you bet your fuckin’ life I did! Because, guess what, being famous was horrible.”

However, Despite the downsides, Winslet is grateful for Titanic’s success. “It’s not a burden, any of it,” Winslet continues. “[Titanic] continues to bring people huge amounts of joy.”

“The only time I am like, ‘Oh god, hide’, is if we are on a boat somewhere.”

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