9 facts about Nita Ambani's healthy diet and simple fitness routine

Nita Ambani

At 59, Nita Ambani, the director of Reliance Industries and the chairperson-founder of the Reliance Foundation and the Dhirubhai Ambani International School

Nita Ambani's fitness journey continues to inspire people

Nita Ambani followed a simple diet and fitness routine to support her son Anant Ambani during his weight loss journey

Fresh fruits and vegetables

When Nita Ambani started her weight loss diet, the most crucial modification was to include more fresh fruits and vegetables in her meals

A healthy breakfast

Nita Ambani starts her day with a light and healthy breakfast consisting of nutritious food items such as fresh juices and dry fruits

Vegetarian diet

Nita Ambani diet mostly consists of soups and leafy green vegetables, prepared in a traditional Gujarati style

Beetroot juice

Nita Ambani used to consume two glasses of beetroot juice daily due to its detoxifying properties

Yoga and other physical activities

Nita Ambani includes classical dance and yoga in her fitness routine to stay healthy and uplift her physical and mental well-being

No alcohol/junk food

Nita Ambani maintains a healthy lifestyle by following a strict vegetarian diet and refraining from the consumption of alcohol and junk food

Nita Ambani drinks detox water every day to purify her skin and prevent skin issues.

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