7 Interesting Facts About Ranveer And Johnny’s Latest Commercial AD

Ranveer Singh had teamed up with Johnny Sins for an epic ad on sexual awareness

On Monday, Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins, the duo surprised everyone by dropping an ad on erectile dysfunction.

Ranveer Singh helps solve Johnny Sins’ sex problem in hilarious saas-bahu parody.

Ranveer Singh has joined forces with American adult actor Johnny Sins for an advertisement that cleverly parodies a typical Indian saas-bahu drama while addressing erectile dysfunction.

Known for his bold choices in fashion and films, actor Ranveer Singh has taken a unique step by partnering with a wellness brand to spread awareness about erectile dysfunction in his own humorous style.

The brand recently released an advertisement that cleverly parodies a typical Indian saas-bahu drama, featuring Ranveer and Johnny.

The amusing ad depicts a woman complaining to Ranveer about his brother, portrayed by Johnny, who struggles with erectile dysfunction. 

She uses numerous sexual innuendos to highlight Johnny’s condition, causing him embarrassment.

As she threatens to leave the house, she is slapped by her mother-in-law and falls from the first floor. However, Johnny’s character, is handed a Bold Care pill by Ranveer. He comes to her rescue and is able to satisfy his wife.

The humorous ad was written by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, and their team, and directed by Ayappa KM. This marks also Johnny Sins’ first-ever advertisement for an Indian brand.

Many Televisions star slammed Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins’ ad. 

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