10 K-dramas for hopeless romantics

Crash Landing on You

The universally loved rom-com K-drama, the love story between a North Korean captain and a South Korean chaebol heiress.

Descendants of the Sun

The series tells the story of a captain and a doctor who fall in love amidst a war-torn backdrop.

Strong Girl Bong-soon

The Korean drama is center on the love story between an energetic woman with superhuman strength and a charismatic CEO who recruits her as his bodyguard.

Coffee Prince

The love story of a coffee shop owner and his staff member, a woman pretending to be a man. When they start to fall in love, the question of sexuality arises.

True Beauty

The love story between a bullied student who uses makeup to become the popular girl in high school and her cold-hearted classmate, who sees her beneath the caked-up surface.

Business Proposal

The K-drama features the love story between a poker-faced CEO and his sunshine employee.

King the Land

The show depicts a love story between an unsmiling chaebol heir running a luxury hotel and a chirpy hotelier working at the same hotel’s VIP lounge.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

The romantic comedy series, the love story of two polar opposites, a dentist and a town handyman who's a jack of all trades. Love eventually blossoms, but not before the bickering begins.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

The K-drama is quite as it depicts the love and dreams of a gifted weightlifter and a talented swimmer.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

The wildly addictive series the love story between a narcissistic chaebol heir and his dependable secretary.

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