Who have passed four decades old, take a hard look at the lives - physically, mentally and spiritually

This self-reflection can include your work, health, relationships, even the way you eat

Begin preventative health care

Turning 40 typically means taking proactive steps toward maintaining your health. Visit your doctor annually for a checkup. Get your immunizations, lab work

Maintain a positive attitude

Make a habit of gratitude. It’s good for the heart and soul. Keep good company. Compliment people. Laugh and smile. Schedule fun first before work


We all need seven to nine hours of sleep nightly. If you can avoid a blaring alarm clock waking us up, all the better. Avoid electronics two hours before you sleep


Stop sitting. Get a standup or treadmill desk. Take micro breaks. Stand up and do stretching exercises or walk. Do stationary exercises. Do weight training to improve muscle strength

Eat more healthy foods

Avoid fast food and eating out. Cook healthy food at home. If you eat out, plan ahead to go somewhere that’s healthy. Request low-fat and low-salt options on the menu

Drink more fluids

Our body is three-fourths fluids. The better hydrated we are, the better our skin looks and the better we feel

Get your finances in order

Check on your retirement plan. Have emergency funds in case something catastrophic happens, such as losing a job or experiencing ill health. Cut costs if you can

Maintain a healthy sex life

You may have had great sex at first, now you are just roommates. Average is once or twice a month. But make a romantic lifestyle. It’ll make you feel healthier and more relaxed

Confront vices

Stop alcohol, cigarettes and other potential addictions. such as shopping, playing video games or gambling, it can create stress. Reach out to your doctor or people in your community for support


Taking the time to meditate will help you understand your current state of mind. It also can give peace and guidance for the best path to take

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